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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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New political party formed to restore black people’s dignity

Bishop Marothi Mashashane launched a new political party called the African Amalgamated Restorative Movement (AARM). Picture: Twitter

Bishop Marothi Mashashane launched a new political party called the African Amalgamated Restorative Movement (AARM). Picture: Twitter

Published May 13, 2023


Manyane Manyane

[email protected]

A NEWLY formed political party, the African Amalgamated Restorative Movement (AARM), has emerged to represent vulnerable communities and restore the dignity of black people ahead of the national elections next year.

AARM is set to unchain, liberate, and accelerate the development and unhindered economic empowerment of black people.

The party, which is led by the President of the SA National Christian Forum (SANCF), Bishpo Marothi Mashashane, was launched on May 25, 2023. This, according to the party, was after the ANC government failed to transform the country after 29 years of democracy.

Mashashane has been a strong critic of some of the government’s decisions, including mandatory vaccination and a failure to hold President Cyril Ramaphosa to account for the Marikana massacre, Bosasa corruption, the CR17 funding for his presidential campaign, and the Phala Phala farm scandal.

“Noting the gain of political freedom in 1994, South Africa had a dream of a country of prosperity, opportunities, and sustained growth. But the years that followed brought economic stagnation, social dependency, and a development cul-de-sac, all at the expense of dignity, pride, and a life of a black person. Rampant corruption, nepotism, immorality, and societal decay became the order of the day,” the party said.

Asked if there was a chance for new political parties in polls next year, governing expert and political analyst Sandile Swana: “Smaller political parties are now getting very senior positions as competition intensifies among the DA, EFF, and ANC. However, only people of superior merit must get senior positions, not just EFF, DA, and ANC. The merit of the individual candidate must reign supreme even above party colours and party loyalty.”

In its Constitution book, AARM said its aims and objectives were:

  • To restore the land to rightful owners
  • To advocate recognition for the recognition of rural and semi-rural settlements as deserving of economic upliftment initiatives and programs, infrastructural development
  • To restore the dignity of the population of the people who have been poorly served by the post-apartheid governing order
  • To attain and defend the national integrity and liberation of the oppressed black majority of South Africa

Mashashane said this was because there was no structure that stands for black people. He said black people were not represented on every platform.

“I am not a politician, but a religious leader with political agenda, seeking justice for the poor, the forgotten and buried alive societies. My calling is to be identified with the rejected and stripped Africans and drive a real democracy that will defend the defenceless,” Mashashane said.

He further said: “The poorest are not even protected by the present useless Constitution which is our first thing to change. The Constitution favours the minority, hence it was a compromised passport for transition.

“The justice system is not serving or protecting the poor. It is too expensive for the majority and remains the upholder of the regime now under black judges.”

Mashashane said it was also at display that there was no political party that would be strong enough to regulate the banks to be accessible to the poor and black emerging markets. He said it was disappointing that South Africa was the most unequal society after 29 years of democracy.

“At least 80% of the economy is in the hands of 20% community, while 80% of the citizens are fighting for the 20%. Who said change is automatic, change is a driven vehicle and unfortunately there are no drivers yet,” Mashashane said.

He further said: “All of the three parties (referring to ANC, DA, and EFF) have the well of ideas and wisdom dried up and we are the only option for this country with our overflow of wisdom.”

Mashashane said he was aiming to strengthen the standard of politics to the position of having only two parties with a clear distinction.