R&B artist Viwe Tylowana. Picture: Supplied
R&B artist Viwe Tylowana. Picture: Supplied

R&B artist Viwe Tylowana is back with a brand new fresh sound

By Lesego Makgatho Time of article published Nov 13, 2020

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Johannesburg - After a two year hiatus, R&B and soul artist Viwe Tylowana has returned with a new look, sound and a brand new vibe.

Now affiliated with Johannesburg-based independent label Unmuted Records, she brings forth her first offering, “Rapture”, from her newly released EP, Ngoku.

The song produced by Lincoln Long, not only brilliantly brings together old school R&B elements with a more current soulful expression, but it further solidifies her growth and footprint in the industry.

According to Tylowana, the message is simple: "Treat my body, like the treasure that it is".

Speaking about when her music journey began, she said it was in school where she began to understand the power of her voice in her primary school phase, Balmoral Girls’ Primary School Choir, and then later joining the Queenstown Girls ‘High School Choir.

“I always auditioned for musical concerts in school and my music teachers were very influential in developing that voice in me.

“They always saw it in me that I could sing, and always reminded me that I could make a contribution to my school in a musical way.

“I had always done background vocals and doing a lot of YouTube work, putting my songs out there.

“The first-ever song I wrote was ‘It Goes Without Saying’ which was about four years ago.

“That was when I began feeling confident as a musician and started owning my work and talent,” she said.

The 28-year-old performing artist who was born in the Eastern Cape shared that experience has always inspired her work.

“I never write about anything I have never been through.

“You cannot, as a songwriter, write about something you have never been through.

“And sometimes the things you go through are traumatic, or funny, life changing or random.”

Coming from a big family has also shaped who she’s become, she shared.

“I’ve got a big family where my sisters have been really instrumental in sharing their perspectives with me on love, life and every single sphere.”

She finished her matric year strong acquiring music and drama and academic distinctions at the end of 2010.

Tyolwana completed her tertiary studies at the University of Witwatersrand with BA Honours in media studies; however, this important feat did not deter her from her musical plans.

During her studies she continued to sing, launching her own YouTube channel which grossed over 4 000 views in over six months, she performed at South African restaurants such as Kitchener’s Calvary Bar in Johannesburg and The Piano Bar in Cape Town to name a few.

She later sang back up vocals for a number of musicians, namely Fortune Masina, RJ Benjamin, Clint Brink, Wikid, Stoan from world-renowned Bongo Maffin, MXO, Kabomo and shared the same stage as hip hop heavyweights, Bozza from the legendary Skwatta Camp and Mr Selwyn.

She also performed at the 2015 SA Hip Hop Awards supporting Fortune Masina and his live band, Therefore.

Listening to her first song released a few years ago, “It Goes Without Saying”, Tyolwana gave a ballad and R&B sound to her music, showing how comfortable she was in writing about love, now with her new evolution, she’s been a little riskier and played around with different sounds.

Produced by Long, and written by herself, the new single “Rapture”, has an edgy, new school feel to it which is still distinctly South African with a neo-soul, and hip hop influence.

“Rapture” is available for download on all official music sites.

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