Nasty C. Picture: Supplied
Nasty C. Picture: Supplied

Rapper Nasty C is the 'Gold Father'

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Apr 2, 2019

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Among many of the rapper Nasty C's achievements is his collaboration with brand of male grooming product AXE as its next brand ambassador as the "Gold Father" - someone who pushes through boundaries and is always determined to go for gold, always. 

The 22-year-old says he is wearing this title as a way of continuing his journey to inspire the masses, showcasing what it means to be a modern man.

“A man who is not afraid to be vulnerable and believes in equality of all sexes,” he says.

And an important element of being a modern man, for him, is curbing insecurities that he believes can act as blockages to one’s success.

“Seeing that we are all influenced by everything around us, the music, the art and the people around us, I am grateful for this partnership with AXE that allows me an opportunity to use my skills and talents to inspire those who wish to find their own magic,” he says.

Nasty C, real name Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo, says in today’s society, the biggest flaw that adds to people’s insecurities is the constant desire to be a perfect individual.

“But that’s the thing... we can never be perfect. This is where you realise the dire need for motivation, inspiration and reassurance within society that you are enough.

“It’s an everyday need”.

To demonstrate this strong belief, Nasty C recently confronted his own insecurity publicly by revealing that he had a “special toe”, as he calls it. He says his big toe appears larger than normal and seems like a birth defect that he had worked hard to hide in the past. His decision to talk about it was prompted by his desire to just accept himself for who he is and to love everything about himself.

“I opened up to the world about something that I’ve been keeping a secret, which has been an insecurity. But being able to open up and see people sending messages of love and support reassured me that we need to believe in ourselves and realise that those self-doubts will just hold us back,” he says

He will also take the time, as the brand ambassador, to educate young people about modern masculinity, how they can go for gold, educate young men about grooming, personal care and bringing the importance of the power of attraction.

“Finding my authentic self and living in that truth has opened many doors for me and has also helped me connect with millions of people on a personal level because most of them truly relate to who I am.

“That is what we want to do, help people find their gold.” 

His journey with AXE will begin this April with a number of projects that will further position him as the 'Gold Father'.


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