203 A Stand Up Guy Allan Hawco (Jake Doyle)

They say third time’s the charm, but Jack Doyle may have had viewers at “hello”. Tonight the third season of the highly successful Republic of Doyle begins on TopTV’s Fox Channel. For those of you who may not know, Republic of Doyle is a dramedy that centres on crime, law enforcement and family bonds.

Jake (played by Allan Hawco, pictured) and his father, Malachy (Sean McGinley), are private investigators who have a knack for being more help to their clients than they expected. The problem is, not all of their clients are upstanding citizens who only do good and want to see justice reign supreme.

No, sir. Sometimes Jake and his dad deal with some pretty unsavoury characters. But you know what they say: iJob iJob. Anyway, the father and son own Doyle and Doyle and are the go-to PI tag-team.

While their cases – bizarre and dangerous most times – keep the Doyles rather busy, they are very good at their jobs. What they aren’t so good at is personal relationships. For example, Jake is a 30-something who lives with his dad and his stepmother, Rose. Why? Well, because his wife, Nikki (who has helped the Doyles on a few cases) kicked him out.

Now divorced but still not quite single and ready to mingle, Jake doesn’t cut all ties with Nikki. After all, putting family first is a major theme of this much-loved programme. But he does take a liking to a young woman named Leslie and once she’s in the picture, the women in Jake’s life have to find a way to get along.

This season, the Doyles have to try to solve murders, stalk a novelist’s spouse, ward off criminals who may want to seek vengeance on the PIs and more.

When the third season of Republic of Doyle begins, Jake finds himself in a bit of a pickle. A mob informant is in dire need of pro-tection and Jake is assigned to be it. But it’s not all peaches and cream when a group of armed and dangerous strangers start looking for Jake. One of the cool things about this show is that they often have very familiar guest stars, like Russell Crowe, who will feature in the first episode.

Fans of Republic of Doyle can expect to see the fourth season of the show early next year.

• Republic of Doyle 3 starts on Fox (TopTV Channel 180) on Wednesday at 9pm.