Spanking in the spotlight

By JOLENE MARRIAH Time of article published Feb 4, 2016

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Spanking your child is a no-no according to the SA Human Rights Commission, which has released a report demanding that the Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town change its stance on corporal punishment.

According to the commission, an amendment to the Children’s Act prohibiting corporal punishment in the home is due to enter the law-making process early this year.

The church published the parenting manual, Raising Children – Transformation through Truth, on its website in 2013.

It was initially available for free download, but has been removed.

The manual read: “Spanking has become a controversial issue in this day and age. The rod is not just used for disciplining your children, but is also used as a training tool.”

It added: “Remember, a spanking must cause some pain otherwise it is useless and your child will remain unchanged. It is most effective to strike a light rod against bare skin. No bruising. No injury.”

Religious leaders have shared their views on the controversial subject.

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