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Friday, June 24, 2022

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5 apps you didn’t know you needed but will absolutely love

File Photo Photographer: Chris Goodney/Bloomberg

File Photo Photographer: Chris Goodney/Bloomberg

Published Jun 14, 2022


Johannesburg – So we all know that our cellphones are more the just mobile communication devices.

These marvels of technology have infiltrated every facet of our daily lives and we are always looking for the next best thing to either entertain, educate, or simplify life for ourselves on our phones.

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So here is a list of five really cool apps you didn’t know you needed but will absolutely love.

1. Zombies Run!

We’ve all imagined ourselves as the ultimate survivor in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Well, this app will test exactly how long you would last should the flesh-eating living dead overrun the planet. Use this app to make your morning jog a little bit more and add some impetus to go that extra mile a little bit faster. How it works is really simple: plug in your earphones, launch the app, follow your mission instructions and outrun zombies while earning supplies.

2. Drunk Locker

You know that feeling of regret when you wake up in the morning and see your call log after a night out on the town? Drunk texting is embarrassing and you should be able to protect yourself from your intoxicated self. Drunk Locker allows you to restrict access to your social media profiles, email, and other messaging apps to prevent you from posting that unflattering selfie or calling your ex until you are in a position to make better decisions.

3. Duolingo

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Most of us wish we could speak another language but we either don't have the time or the motivation to follow through. Duolingo is an app that brings the fun to learning a new language with its easy-to-understand lessons. The interface is easy to navigate and will keep you engaged.

4. Photomath

Most times maths gets the better of us or maybe you know a student who is having a hard time with the subject. The Photomath app solves simple to complex maths problems for you. All you have to do is take a picture of the problem and it will solve the problem and give you an answer.

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5. 22Seven

This has to be one of the best apps around. How many times do you find yourself not being able to account for how you spend your money? The 22Seven app is created by Old Mutual and it syncs with your bank account, recording and sorting all your transactions into their respective categories. This helps you track your money and adjust your spending habits by showing exactly what you are spending too much money on.


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