5 great podcasts to listen to right now

By Fast Company Time of article published Jul 4, 2021

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We’ve got recommendations for folks looking for the best stuff to listen to in tech, business, and innovation. If you’re an Apple nerd, Bitcoin curious, fascinated by cancel culture, or itching to catch up on the GameStop frenzy, check out these five great podcasts.

MacBreak Weekly

This podcast, brought to you by This Week in Tech, is a great way to keep up on Mac news in general. This week they break down the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, in case you’re looking for a full debrief.

The Compound and Friends

Popular financial manager Josh Brown hosts this rebooted podcast, now a freewheeling financial roundtable chat show. Imagine generally enlightened finance bros talking about Bitcoin mania, the housing market, and more. The podcast offers good perspectives from people who are grounded in traditional finance but open to and curious about everything happening in the financial world.

To the Moon

This multipart podcast miniseries from The Wall Street Journal and Gimlet looks at what the hell happened with GameStop in 2021. If you’re still confused about how a Reddit forum disrupted Wall Street, look no further.


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