Detroit: Become Human is every gamer's (Quantic) dream

By Brady "Blurry Knight" Ruiters Time of article published Aug 24, 2018

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Quantic Dream has garnered quite the reputation for creating cinematic narrative experiences with Quick Time Event-centric controls. Detroit: Become Human is the latest offering from the developer and is possibly one of their best games to date.

The story follows three different characters: Connor, Kara and Markus. All three are androids, each with their own motives. The overarching narrative mainly deals with the topic of existentialism; this means something different to each character and is reflected well in their individual stories.

Gameplay comprises of navigation around various environments combined with Quick Time Events for interaction in order to drive the story along. It’s easy to pick up and play and there are a fair amount of tense moments right from the get go.

The game essentially functions as an incredibly interactive Choose Your Adventure book, allowing you to make choices with lasting consequences that can ultimately affect how each character’s story ends.

It’s an amazing looking game whether you’re playing on a standard PS4 or the Pro. The voice acting is also top notch and the actors should be commended for their respective performances.

Detroit: Become Human definitely feels like one of Quantic Dream’s best titles. Everything about the game has been handled in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive when telling its story. It’s simple, even when touching on topics such as existentialism and xenophobia and it’s hard to not get invested in the characters. 

It’s possibly one of the best games of its kind that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

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