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5 gadgets to make your smartphone even smarter

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 15, 2020

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Cell phones are built pretty smart these days, but what if there were ways to make them even edgier?

From clip-on lighting that will give your selfies that professional photographer glow to wireless charging devices, there are a number of nifty gadgets on the market designed to take your cell phone user experience to new levels.

5 cell phone gadgets to make your smartphone even smarter

SelfieLight Flexi Smartphone Attachment

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Take your selfies to the next level with this ring light that is compatible with all smartphones and tablets. 

Simply clip the ring light onto your device and turn it on with the push of a button - it does not need to be plugged in. This specially designed selfie light provides supplemental or side lighting for photography whenever you have low-light conditions. It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos even when just low-light is available. The flexible smartphone attachment can flex and bend to adjust to more angles and height for diverse use.

Bounce Clip 3-in-1 Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

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Cell phone cameras have come a long way since their debut in 2002 on the Nokia 7650 and the Sanyo SPC-5300. Selfie-cams, multi-camera arrays, 48-megapixel sensors and zoom - to name just a few - cell phone cameras are giving actual cameras a run for their money. If you fancy yourself a bit of an “Instagram-photographer”, this is the phone accessory for you. 

The kit comprises of a camera clamp and 3 lenses for the following effects:

Wide angle: This lens gives a wider view of the standard camera lens so you can fit approximately 33% more into your photo.

Fish Eye: This lens gives a much wider 180° view of your surroundings and fits even more into the photo.

Macro: This lens allows very close-up photography for extreme detail of small objects.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer 

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Gone are the days of taking spools of film to the supermarket to be developed. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer, print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them. This compact printer was made to go wherever you go. It easily fits into any bag, so you can create stickable snapshots whenever the moment strikes. Customise your photos before you print with the HP Sprocket App. Text, borders, emojis, and more add a pop of personality for snapshots and stickers that are totally and uniquely you. You can also easily print social media photos by connecting your social media accounts to HP Sprocket App and instantly turn any of those photos into colourful prints.

Avantree WL450 Fast Wireless Charger

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The sight of plugs and cords tangled together whilst all your gadgets get a good charge has got to be one of the most unappealing things in one's home. Declutter your living space with a wireless charger. This device supports a variety of Apple and android phones and can charge through cases up to 5 mm thick.

PUBG Mobile Joystick Gamepad

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This device integrates a phone grip and a stick-on joystick with the aim being to upgrade your gaming experience. The stick-on joystick solves the problem of the clumsiness of the on-screen control, and makes your on-screen character' every motion more precisely by the extra thumb control. Ideal for any game has an on-screen control pad like Fortnite or FIFA mobile. The joystick integrated swing arm allows 180° spinning, and can be flicked up and folded easily. The ultra low-friction joystick with anti-slip design enables you to play effortlessly in 360°. 


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