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Added security and new software: What working from home could look like in 2021

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Dec 28, 2020

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Working from home could change security and technology in 2021.

According to a survey for CCS Insights, 60% of business leaders across Western Europe and North America are expecting at least a quarter of their staff - and in some cases their entire workforce - to work from home at least part time, even beyond the end of the pandemic.

While Facebook have said a significant number of their staff will be allowed to permanently work from, home, Dropbox and Twitter have both decided all staff will have the option.

According to the BBC, Marina Koytcheva - vice-president of forecasting at CCS Insights - has predicted special packages from tech firms and internet service providers to capitalise on the changing world.

She said: "Security is definitely part of our predictions when it comes to working from home activity, and that could be a package.

"Not just an extra line, but maybe a separate router, maybe a router with security, maybe some other services on top, even things like IT support because a smaller company might not have a remote IT support person."

Meanwhile, it's also expected that there will be extra features introduced to software to better aid people working from home.

This year, 'digital whiteboards' including Miro and Bural enjoyed a big boost, with the latter adding more than one million active users in 2020.

The tech allows workers to access a visual representation of a project which everyone can add to.

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