Fixing frayed cords is easy with these helpful tips. Picture: Flickr.
Fixing frayed cords is easy with these helpful tips. Picture: Flickr.

How to fix frayed cables

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Jun 17, 2020

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Whether it’s from regular wear and tear, pets with a knack for nibbling or simply because your product was made cheaply - when cables fray, it’s best to intervene before they break completely. 

Everyone knows the frustration of having to jiggle their charger or place their device in just the right position so that it finally works. But, apart from the inconvenience of frayed or unraveled cables, they’re also dangerous. All the electrical cords contain a live wire that is insulated by a protective layer. But when it begins to fray, the live wire can be exposed to outside elements leaving your vulnerable to electric fires.

Saving you money, time and prolonging the life of your devices there are a few ways to fix and prevent further fraying of your.

How to fix your frayed cables:

Electrical tape

This offers a quick, cost-effective fix by covering up exposed wires and preventing more unravelling from occurring. However it isn’t permanent and will only work for as long as the tape remains sticky and in place. When using the tape, be sure to continue wrapping it well above and below the damaged area so that it’s well secured.

Heat shrink tubing

Heat-shrink tubing is more permanent but cost a bit more. Used to replace worn insulation on wiring, the tubing is made from various materials that shrink radially, not longitudinally, so it fits around wires when exposed to heat without losing length. Available at different price points for different lengths, they also come in a range of colours so your cables can still look neat and uniformed. 

Moldable glue

With a myriad of uses, this putty has the ability to adhere different surfaces from glass to plastic and even wood. The durable material is waterproof, does not crack or become brittle when dry and is heat and cold resistant too making it perfect for the insulation of frayed cords. Once placed over the damaged area, the substance will begin to set over a 30 minute period giving users enough time to properly shape it.

Cable savers

Available in a range of colours, shapes and themes, cable savers are both handy and quirky, adding something fun to your electronics. This product is great for preventing the problem from occurring in the first place, making all your appliances, chargers and USBs last much longer. 

Pen spring

Have any broken or old retractable pens laying around the house? Put them to good use with this life hack. Remove the spring from inside your pen by twisting it open. Then wind the coiled wire around your cord at the top and the bottom. This will help keep the cord from bending too much and wearing down during uses.

Replace cable

It is not always safe to continue using cables that are frayed. Buying a replacement may seem costly, however it can save you on further damage from electrical fires If the cord is attached to an appliance you would like to keep, have an electrician assess the situation and assist you with repairs. 


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