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Startupbootcamp, UK-South Africa Tech Hub to host Disrupt Covid-19 Digital Hackathon

By IOL Tech reporter Time of article published Jun 22, 2020

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Startupbootcamp has announced that it will join forces with UK-South Africa Tech Hub, a UK government initiative, to host the Disrupt COVID-19 Digital Hackathon. 

Startbootcamp has invited startups, entrepreneurs and innovators to help develop solutions to further advance economic inclusion and build resilience. It also calls for solutions to address key challenges in the informal economy and SMME sector. 

"Through this, startups will be designing new approaches to overhaul state procurement, digitise information systems for ease of access to public information and support, and lastly improve transparency in procurement processes. To do this we call for startups and innovators with technologies solving for: Process automation for large data sets ensuring data validation and authentication in the procurement process; Processing capabilities that ensure integrity and compliance against existing requirements of procurement data; Technology to open up procurement capability by the public sector to allow for rapid onboarding of new suppliers and SMMEs; Technologies for ensuring and checking compliance of SMMEs; Technologies that can reach the informal sector aiding in compliance checking and data access for other government organisations."

The hackathon aims to include SMMEs in public procurement as part of our response to COVID-19, build a database of SMMEs nationwide that reflects information comprehensively and ensure SMME are compliant for public procurement. 

Innovators can apply from the 15 June 2020 until 28 June 2020.

The Hackathon is expected to run from 6 July until 9 July 2020. Participating startups  will be notified on the 1st of July 2020. 

Startups will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the UK Government’s Global Digital Marketplace Programme which works with five partner countries across the world to help them tackle corruption through user-centered approaches to procurement. 

To top it all off, winning teams will also receive R15 000 in cash prizes, Amazon AWS credits, logistics support, membership to the Silicon Cape Network, and other support. 

The Hackathon is brought together with support from the Silicon Cape who work to bring the innovation community in Cape Town together, Ayoba, Amazon AWS and Cartel Connect by Ideas Cartel. 


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