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This smart wearable device will help you manage your asthma

By Floyd Matlala Time of article published Dec 3, 2020

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The timing could not be more perfect for the launch of ADAMM-RSM smart wearable device as the number of asthma-related deaths continues to rise in South Africa. There is an estimated 18.5 deaths per 100 000 asthma cases.

The newly launched gadget, which is developed by Akacia Medical and Healthcare Group, aims to manage the illness by allowing the user to configure the wearable to monitor and record data relevant to their unique patterns. It is a three-part solution that includes a soft comfortable wearable, a free smartphone app and a web portal.

This data can then be reviewed on a dashboard where trends can be tracked, triggers identified, and all the symptom levels can be reviewed at a glance. This data, which is collected and stored in compliance with the POPI Act, can be shared with family members, caregivers and even the treating physician.

Akacia Medical and Healthcare Group CEO, Ronnie Krüger said the lack of adequate diagnosis, treatment, disease management and access to care impact morbidity and mortality in South Africa.

“Asthma cannot be cured, but it can and should be managed to achieve improved symptom control. This in turn may reduce hospitalisations and the economic burden of asthma, while improving quality of life for the asthmatic and their caregivers,” he said.

“As the first country in the world to offer the system directly to consumers, we expect that this award winning wearable will totally revolutionise how asthma is managed in South Africa.”

“As a chronic condition, establishing control requires a solid asthma management plan, which includes keeping a daily asthma diary and this involves measuring and tracking symptoms, and recording and analysing data. These time-consuming activities often impossible for children, can now be automated and effortlessly managed with ADAMM-RSM.”

“For caregivers, this also provides objective data around symptom levels, so that there is peace of mind, and a level of freedom knowing that you can understand what’s happening to the asthmatic,” said Krüger.

The wearable part of the system is attached directly onto the torso using medical grade-peel-and-stick adhesives. It discreetly identifies and monitors respiratory patterns and parameters, including coughing, in context with activity levels, heart rate and skin temperature. This automates the management of the respiratory condition in a way that the asthmatic simply can’t.

The ADAMM-RSM is said to be currently available for online purchase for now as negotiations with leading retail pharmacy chains are still underway, with a view to securing widespread distribution channels in the long-term.


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