GALLERY: This app will free all your customer complaint worries

By Zeenat Vallie Time of article published Nov 17, 2017

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CAPE TOWN - Free customer service mobile app, iBleat aims to encourage the use of private, secure and dedicated customer service channels without the hassle. 

In a bid to ease customer’s lives and provide them with an effective mouthpiece for communicating with brands, South African entrepreneurs, Grant Campbell and his brother Neil Campbell co-founded iBleat. 

The app, creates a dialogue between products and brands, shopping and services and food and entertainment outlets and their guests. The customer service app makes customer’s live a whole lot simpler by providing the platform for them to locate information. 

“You don’t have to search for a business’s details.Bleats are private and secure and are correctly directed, while retaining the ability for you to share to Facebook or Twitter should an issue not be satisfactorily resolved. Businesses can instantly respond, with the full Bleat info increasing their ability to engage effectively”, says iBleat. 

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Picture: Customer service app, iBleat. (Supplied).

According to iBleat, an added feature is that the app significantly declutters social media.  iBleat says that ‘customer service’ will no more be two words that do not go well together, thanks to iBleat. The app aims to emancipate consumers of the frustration that accompanies online customer complaints. 

“Social media seems the way to go with 67% of all social media posts relate to customer service and 60% of consumers expecting a response within an hour”, says iBleat. 

However, this often leads to days of frustration and unanswered customer complaints. iBleat, however provides instant and intuitive responses. Among its added benefits include businesses to pass credit, coupons and QR codes within iBleat to a user. 

In addition, the app is under development to hold loyalty cards in an in-App wallet. This will essentially free individuals wallets from carrying multiple cards.

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