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$50K Fusion Rocket League tournament announced

By Field Level Media Time of article published May 12, 2020

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Three game-playing modes will be part of the action during the Fusion Rocket League, a $50,000 event that was announced Monday.

The tournament will be split into to two regions, North America and Europe, with each having a $25,000 prize purse.

Qualifying events for both brackets will run May 21-22, with 32 teams making it into each qualifier and eight earning spots in each main draw. South American players are eligible to compete in the North American qualifier, and Middle Eastern players may enter the European qualifier.

The North American tournament is scheduled for May 25-31, and the European tournament will run June 1-7.

The qualifying events will feature double-elimination brackets, with each match will consisting of three-on-three game followed by a two-on-two game and then a one-on-one game. The fourth game, if necessary, will be in the format of the trailing team's choice. The choice of format for the fifth game, if necessary, will be made by the team that didn't have the choice in the fourth game.

All players from each team are eligible for each mode, and there is no limit of times a team may select a specific format.

The main events will have separate single-elimination brackets for three-on-three, two-on-two and one-on-one, with each team competing in all brackets. All series will be best-of-seven, and any player from any team may play in any format.

Final standings for each of the three formats will be calculated, with 17 points awarded to the first-place team, 11 points awarded to the second-place team, and seven points given to both the third- and fourth-place teams.

The team with top overall point total across all three disciplines will be the champion.

The overall winners in both Europe and North America will get $4,500, with the runners-up getting $3 000 and the third-place teams receiving $2 000. If teams end up tied in the overall standings, they will split the prize money; no tiebreaker matches will be held.

Additional prize money will be awarded to the top three in each of three-on-three, two-on-two and one-on-one brackets: $1,500 for first, $1,000 for second and $500 for third.

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