"Borderlands 3". Picture: Instagram
"Borderlands 3". Picture: Instagram

'Borderlands 3' is fun to play for the most part

By Luther de Lange Time of article published Sep 25, 2019

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"Borderlands 3", by 2k Games and Gearbox Software, released on the September 13 this year, seven years of "Borderlands 2" and five years after the release "Tales From the Borderlands" and "The Pre-Sequel".

Rating 7/10

"Borderlands 3" is fun to play for the most part. The worlds the player will visit are beautiful, full of variation, and true to the "Borderlands" aesthetic. These worlds give a variety of enemies and settings, allowing a break from the post-apocalyptic wastelands we are familiar with replaced with urban civilizations and jungles. 

The weapons are creative and feature the same manufacturers as the previous games - all with their unique features and styles. There are two options for co-operative play: one where each character gets their loot (guns, shields, and grenades) and one where everyone fights over the same loot drop when they occur.

While the game has some fun moments, this does not mean it is void of issues. The introductory levels are long and the aiming mechanics are very sensitive. The humour often resulted in a giggle or nose snort rather than an actual laugh. The enemies were spongy in that they required large amounts of damage to be defeated. 

This was not an issue of difficulty but rather that taking so long to finish firefights meant the game started to become tedious with the amount of time it takes to progress the story or any mission. The final issues to cover are all technical.

 The game is known for couch co-op play, where you and a friend can share the game in a split-screen co-operative mode. However, "Borderlands 3" is unable to support this feature and split-screen play results in a multitude of frame rate drops, lagging, and squashed maps and text that are beyond illegible. The technical issues can be fixed, poor writing and poor combat choices cannot. 

With all the negatives being outlined, our view of the game is still favourable. For die-hard "Borderlands" fans, the game is a fine addition and you will enjoy it. Overall, the combat is fun despite its issues, which I am nitpicking as I love the franchise and wanted this game to be perfect.

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