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Crucible review: Does Amazon's new game live up to the hype?

By Dylan Manasse Time of article published May 24, 2020

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What is Crucible?

Crucible is the new free-to-play PvP action-packed shooter released by Amazon games. With the release of this game, many people are looking into what they will experience in a game that tests not only their own skill, but also their teamwork.

In this review I would like to highlight a few factors. These include gameplay and small issues currently found in game.

First of all, the gameplay.

As it stands, the game itself is great. The concept is well-executed and it allows for hours of fun with friends. Every character in the game is unique and have special interactions. It also allows you to invest time into the characters you love to play, while making the ones you hate truly annoying. 

Now we get onto the issues. 

Although there are no major issues, some things are found to be quite troublesome. The first big thing is the chat option - or lack of it. 

With no option to actually speak to your team via voice and chat, it makes it a lot harder to play unless you are using an external app to communicate. If you are playing with friends, this is fine as it would be easy to add them on one of the many apps that exist for PC. 

However, when playing with randoms it does become annoying as you cannot explain your thought process as you play.

The next issue is the UI and overall game optimization.

The game does not feel as smooth as it could be, this maybe being due to the game being released slightly early it feels. The UI itself feels clunky and unfinished. 

One issue that I feel is raised quite often, and by myself as well, is the lack of clearly displaying what the objective is as a new player. As such, playing with teammates who often do not know can make for a frustrating time and since you cannot communicate due to lack of chat options, it does not make this any easier to deal with.

As the game continues to grow, I assume many features will be added, including a much-anticipated competitive aspect, but for now it will mainly be a for fun game.  For anyone looking to get into the game, I would recommend to take a buddy with you as you will need to find your own form of communication.


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