Fortnite vows to refund after players after battle pass item error

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Mar 24, 2021

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'Fortnite' will give full refunds to players who bought the Wild music track from the in-game shop.

Epic Games has revealed the item - which is part of the Chapter Two Season Six battle pass - was put on sale this week, with some fans angered after the studio promised to never place battle pass items on sale separately.

In a statement on the Fortnite Status Twitter account, they said: "The Wild Lobby Track as made available in the Item Shop today despite also being a Battle Pass Reward.

"We realise that this was a mistake and will be removing it from the Item Shop."

Although there's no explanation for the error, an Epic spokesperson told Eurgamer that the track shouldn't have appeared in the shop, and the mistake didn't signal "a change of any rules around the exclusivity of battle pass items".

The team later added on Twitter: "The Item Shop version of the Wild Lobby Track will be removed from Lockers.

"(The Battle Pass Reward version will remain for players who unlocked it.)

"Players who purchased or gifted the Item Shop version will be returned the V-Bucks they spent."

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