Photograph of the Foxxray Würger USB Gaming Headset with the RGB lighting active. Picture: Kritina Maharaj
Photograph of the Foxxray Würger USB Gaming Headset with the RGB lighting active. Picture: Kritina Maharaj

Foxxray Würger USB Gaming Headset is comfortable entry level hardware

By Luther de Lange Time of article published Nov 26, 2019

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The Foxxray Würger gaming headset is a cheap, entry-level headset with an omnidirectional microphone, 50mm bass-boosted stereo unit, RGB (red, green, and blue) loop backlighting, Anti-oxidation USB gold-plated connector, and comfortable leather padded earmuffs. 

The price tag suggests it is only entry-level, so how does it stack up?

In this case, the low price does not mean bad quality. The padding is comfortable and noise-cancelling, keeping you in the zone while you play. 

The top head strap is also comfortable and moves easily to adjust for different head sizes while not messing up your hair. 

The RGB lighting is not overwhelming but is beautiful to look at and transitions colours. 

The adjustable soundbar on the headset allows easy volume changes during a game without affecting the gameplay. Finally, while all corded devices are at the mercy of wear and tear, the cable feels durable and the gold plated connector looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, the microphone cord is short and so it can’t be re-positioned easily. Furthermore, if the microphone input does not come through the headphones, it is difficult to hear what is being recorded, but this also speaks to the success of how noise-canceling the headset is. 

The size can be bulky for smaller heads and can even push glasses off your face in certain circumstances. The lack of a headphone jack means that console gaming has a distance limit because you need to be plugged into the console. 

Overall, how does it do? 

If you need a cheap headset for gaming and a mic to stream, it works well. It sits comfortably enough that a marathon session will not end in major discomfort or pain. I played a game of League of Legends in my first proper test and the sound effects were crystal clear and the battle noises and announcer's voice had a booming echo that got the blood pumping. 

The mic allows for easy streaming if that is your goal, as well as team communication and the positioning and lighting on the mic, is not distracting in use. 

There is also the ability to use the headset for music, should you listen through your PC or have a USB adapter for your phone. 

The Foxxray Würger USB Gaming Headset can be put on your Loot wish list with this link, just in time for Christmas. 

SA Nerd Force's review of the Foxxray Würger USB Gaming Headset. Video by Luther de Lange and Kritina Maharaj

* This video is part of the SAPA+ #Inform #Inspire #Empower campaign

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