"I Love You, Colonel Sanders". Picture: Supplied
"I Love You, Colonel Sanders". Picture: Supplied

'I Love You, Colonel Sanders': Funny, but not for long

By Luther de Lange Time of article published Oct 7, 2019

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"I Love You, Colonel Sanders", developed by Psyop and published by KFC, is a dating simulator where the player controls a student at the culinary school known as the University of Cooking School: Academy For Learning. Also attending is your best friend, Mariam, and your two rivals, Aeshleigh and Van Van the Man Man. 

There are other characters in the institution, including Sparkles, your dog professor, Pop, the village idiot, and, of course, Colonel Sanders, a hunky variation of the KFC logo who continuously wows the school with his fried chicken and dashing good looks. 

"I Love You, Colonel Sanders" came into the public eye after a whirlwind of publicity due to its ridiculousness and had the gaming community intrigued. 

SA Nerd Force's full review of "I Love You, Colonel Sanders".

Once I played the game, however, all the hype meant nothing. The game is colourful, sometimes hilarious, and the characters are well designed, although the characters do start to look a bit too much like anime tropes, especially the "thicc" rival in tight stockings and a miniskirt and the macho and vain Van Van. 

These positives are undone by a large number of issues. These range from poor writing, shallow characters, inconsistent humour, and the way KFC insults the dating simulator and romance genres and uses gaming and anime to promote its products to the youth. 

Overall, I give the game a 4 out of 10 due to the game being nothing more than advertising and an attempt to appeal to millennials who are once again viewed in a patronising manner. 

The game is free to play on PC and is available from Steam.

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