The German duo of "OVA scout" and "OVA Zeston" surged to claim first place on the final day of the Gamers Without Borders charity Fortnite tournament. Picture: Reuters
The German duo of "OVA scout" and "OVA Zeston" surged to claim first place on the final day of the Gamers Without Borders charity Fortnite tournament. Picture: Reuters

Ovation triumph at final day of Gamers Without Borders

By Field Level Media Time of article published May 22, 2020

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After top-six finishes on the first two days, the German duo of "OVA scout" and "OVA Zeston" surged to claim first place on the final day of the Gamers Without Borders charity Fortnite tournament Thursday.

Representing Ovation eSports, the team of OVA scout and OVA Zeston finished with 405 points, narrowly outpacing the Copenhagen Flames duo of "Flames Deqzyy" and "VHV Shadow" (401 points) for the $300,000 first prize.

That money will go to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Ovation's chosen charity, to aid relief for the coronavirus pandemic. The team had already earned $35,000 for UNICEF after finishing sixth ($15,000) and fifth ($20,000) on the first two days.

All prizes were doubled Thursday for the final day of the event -- which featured six matches per day -- adding up to a total of $2 million for charity.

Team Singularity, made up of the Danish duo of Sebastian "Trippernn" Sommer Kjaer and Thomas "Th0masHD" Hoxbro Davidsen, finished in the top three for the third straight day Thursday, posting 400 points. They took second place on Tuesday and third on Wednesday, earning a total of $250,000 over the three-day event.

Rounding out the top five on Day 3 were British team DannySMZ ("hardfind" and "SRN AstroSMZ") with 317 points and windeen ("CaptainWind" of Denmark and "srn marteen" of the Czech Republic) with 299 points, as both teams finished in the top five for the second time this week. DannySMZ took fourth on Wednesday, and windeen were fifth on Tuesday.

CPH Flames earned $200,000 for Thursday's runner-up finish, benefiting Gavi, The Faccine Alliance, while Singularity won $100,000, DannySMZ $50,000 and windeen $40,000. Each of the latter three teams are giving to UNICEF.

The Russian duo of Kirill "VP kiryache32" Grishin and Mark "Gambit Letw1k3" Danilov, collectively known as gamvp, finished with just 34 points -- good for 39th place -- after winning each of the first two days comfortably.

The tournament was part of Gamers Without Borders' $10 million International Elite initiative for charity, raising money for coronavirus-relief foundations. Of the 50 two-man teams, 40 were from Europe, with 10 from the Middle East and Africa.

The full Day 3 results and prize pool (team name, players, points, charity prize):

1. Ovation, OVA scout and OVA Zeston, 405, $300,000

2. CPH Flames, VHV Shadow and Flames Deqzyy, 401, $200,000

3. Team Singularity, Trippernn and Th0masHD, 400, $100,000

4. DannySMZ, hardfind and SRN AstroSMZ, 317, $50,000

5. windeen, captainwind and srn marteen, 299, $40,000

6. nyhrox x mexe, EG mexe and M10 Nyhrox, 272, $30,000

7. TheUltiamtes, TU Nm7 and TU Al4n, 260, $20,000

8. POWER eSports, POWER GnTL and PWR Mythic, 233, $20,000

9. NOM Gaming, NOM danDAN and NOM SoMiN, 214, $20,000

10. Tohaj & Kris, Nade Guy Kris and G2 Tohaj, 200, $20,000

11. Wave Esports, Wave Moehre and Kullie, 199, $10,000

12. GO, Attakbiceps and GO Xoxo, 182, $10,000

13. TheUltiamtes, TU I4xPRO and TU Dexefite, 181, $10,000

14. TrainH Alphaa x BlastR, TrainH BlastR and TrainH Alpha, 178, $10,000

15. Atlantis TS, Atlantis Harmii and Arrow serhat, 175, $10,000

16. benjyfishy x MrSavage, benjyfishy and MrSavage, 172, $10,000

17. TrainH Matsoe x Umplify, TrainH Umplify and TrainH Matsoe, 168, $10,000

18. CPH Flames, Flames Rasmusnie and Tiltern, 167, $10,000

19. x-kom AGO, xkom AGO Czajnik and xkom AGO DaaV, 153, $10,000

20. Pinq and Paddy, pinquk and SRN Paddy, 149, $10,000

21. VP, fwex and VP JAMSIDE, 142, $5,000

22. FeRinS&Ohad, Ohad and NOM FeRinS, 123, $5,000

23. Domentoose, Domentos and Gambit Toose, 122, $5,000

24. Italy, Heatzy 35 and SMS Piz, 110, $5,000

25. Xypher Esports, Anger and Basra, 110, $5,000

26. Rekins x POW3R, exeed Rekins and Fnatic POW3R, 107, $5,000

27. ASMR, ASMR Tobi and ASMR Spy, 100, $5,000

28. Gambit MS, Gambit Mawakha and Safiyache32, 96, $5,000

29. brothers, IIIllIIlllIllIII and Fnatic smeefu, 94, $5,000

30. Grizi x TrainH, TrainH Robabz and Grizi Snayzy, 91, $5,000

31. OTW, OTW KaKaRoT and OTW Adapter 1st, 85, $3,000

32. OTW 2, OTW QuickDead and OTW 3BoooD, 80, $3,000

33. TeamAtlantis KK, Atlantis Kaxie and Atlantis Kejser, 79, $3,000

34. MongraalxAqua, FaZe Mongraal and COOLER aqua, 75, $3,000

35. HellRaisers, Rotory and HR Qvado, 69, $3,000

36. POWER eSports, POWER Abdulelah and POWER 7MOOD, 62, $3,000

37. Yalla Esports, Yalla Klipper and Oneshot, 59, $3,000

38. GRIZI X LDLC OL, Grizi Maxa and LDLC SPK, 40, $3,000

39. gamvp, Gambit Letw1k3 and VP kiryache32, 34, $3,000

40. Sudor esports, Sudor Lowlight and Sudor Unbreakable, 33, $3,000

41. Dele x Kyle, Dele and Kyle, 31, $2,000

42. Vitality X LDLC OL, LDLC Kekebiceps and Vitality hawkers, 20, $2,000

43. TuwaiqClub, TWQ Metab and TWQ Mansour, 16, $2,000

44. Vitality NO, Nikof and Oslo, 12, $2,000

45. BEST PLAYERS, crr and Mytr0, 10, $2,000

46. Sudor, Sudor SKULLY and Sudor TOMY, 5, $2,000

T47. waveup, Vitality stompyy and Tschiiinken, 0

T47. Kirito , XX731, ASMR xx731 and ASMR KiritoKun, 0

T47. Sudoresports, Sudor Mjeedrr and Sudor Ripper, 0

T47. Maestro x Hen, BL Henyache32 and Wave Maestrorr, 0

T47. M11Z x WYZIP, GO M11Z and WYZIP, 0

T47. Persik, VP Siberiajkee and tor ay., 0

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