PS5 receives performance update, Sony CEO says ’everything is sold’

By IANS Time of article published Nov 26, 2020

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Sony has released another PlayStation 5 performance update.

The long-awaited console recently launched amid a wave of publicity and discussion, and Sony has just released its second update in the space of a week.

The update weighs in at around 820MB and is geared towards boosting the performance of the console, after gamers reported a number of issues to Sony.

Among the issues that cropped up for some users were games crashing when the console was put into rest mode.

Other gamers reported a bug related to the console’s Blu-ray drive, which led to PS5 discs spinning at various intervals and often, quite loudly.

Meanwhile, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently revealed that PlayStation 5 units have already sold out.

The gaming boss explained that he's working hard to ensure that supply can meet consumer demand.

Asked about sales figures for the console, he said: "Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold … I’ve spent much of the last year trying to be sure that we can generate enough demand for the product. And now in terms of my executive bandwidth, I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand."

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