"The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan". Picture: Instagram
"The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan". Picture: Instagram

'The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan' is atmospheric but too many jump scares

By Brady Blurry Knight Ruiters Time of article published Sep 26, 2019

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Supermassive Games, the studio behind PlayStation Exclusive campy horror game, "Until Dawn", are back at it again with another interactive experience. 

Their new offering is not a single entry, but part of a series entitled "The Dark Pictures Anthology". 

The first title in the series, "Man of Medan", sports a much darker atmosphere and theme compared to its predecessor and plays around with an actual urban legend of the Ourang Medan.

You take control of four young Americans on a dive boat in the South Pacific as they search for a downed WWII plane that’s supposedly lying on the bottom of the ocean. 

The adventure doesn’t last long, however, as they find themselves stranded on a ghost ship after a series of events clearly not foreseen by anyone. 

Their survival instincts and their sanity will be tested as they try to find their way off this floating house of horror.

While the story has a tendency to stumble now and then, I did quite like the atmosphere presented in the game. I wasn’t a fan of the frequency of the jump-scares though; these felt overused and more often than not, felt like a cheap shot.

One of the best aspects about "Man of Medan" is the ability to play it with a friend, either on the couch or online. 

Movie Night Mode allows each player to take control of a character and ultimately decide what choices they make, in addition to fighting or running from the horrors the ship throws at you. It’s entertaining watching a friend make choices and handle situations differently to how you may have.

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