FIFA 20. Picture: Instagram
FIFA 20. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: FIFA 20 first impressions and review

By Luther de Lange Time of article published Oct 15, 2019

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I rounded up some of my colleagues to play the latest installment of “FIFA” because, while I know gaming, I do not know much about FIFA or football. 

We had an informal tournament to test out the new game in a friendly display of sportsmanship which quickly became an all-out war between work buddies. 

Naturally, experience prevailed as “FIFA 20” is a surprisingly technical game, where the tactics of the past were unable to score this time around.

Watch the video below: 

Surefire goal scoring techniques, such as the “near post corner” were removed and full frontal assaults were hit and miss.

Sometimes, simply running the ball through defense worked perfectly and sometimes it required skill to reach the back of the net.

The defense had to be aggressive to stop the advances of the attacking side which was trickier than simply pressing a button to tackle and minor slip ups from the attackers can result in a change of possession. 

“FIFA 20” also releases with a variety of game modes including VOLTA football mode which resembles the FIFA Street games of the past, which were a fan favourite and one of the highlights of the new installment. 

“FIFA 20” had its downsides, including graphics issues and technical problems which could have been resolved with the day one patch but release day players were disappointed with the final product. 

Overall, the reception of “FIFA 20” from my colleagues was overwhelmingly positive despite the issues and new feel. The full review is available in the embedded video. 


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