WATCH: SA pro-gamer gives our 14-year-old esports correspondent the best streaming tips

By Supplied Time of article published Apr 14, 2021

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Dyaab Ryklief from Cape Town Youth Gaming spoke to Jana du Toit a.k.a SaltyMonkeh, who is a competitive gamer and streamer for one of South Africa's top gaming organisations, Bravado Gaming.

Like many avid gamers, Du Toit started gaming at the young age of 8-years-old and later got introduced into the online gaming community through Counter-Strike where she joined a female gaming clan.

After featuring in various local competitions she found her new home at Bravado Gaming through which she evolved from a gamer to a top local streamer.

"Streaming is more on the entertaining side of things where you are tuning into your viewers and making them feel that they are part of a community where they can come and be themselves," said Du Toit.

"With streaming, I learned how to speak to a camera better than I was when I played competitively while playing competitively teaches you a lot of discipline," she said.

Du Toit admits that streaming is not as easy as it may look, you do not just start up your game and hit the "go live" button, but that there's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and ahead of your stream.

She added that to become a professional streamer, you have to put in the hours to get the results and shared her top five tips to newbies who are looking to start streaming:

1) Get a good streaming program

You need to download a good programme like Streamlabs or OBS which are free downloadable programmes. It also allows you to record to create various other multimedia content.

2) Get a stable computer

You need to have a computer or laptop that can carry the load. At the same time, most mobile phones are equipped for live streaming which means the platforms to stream on becomes endless.

3) Know what you want to stream

Figure out what you want to stream, it could be playing games, playing cards or you could just talk to your audience about any topic.

4) Just do it

This could be the biggest step to make yourself vulnerable in front of the camera live to an audience. You would need to overcome the fears of people judging you. It doesn't matter if it's one person watching you or a million people, just get out there and do it.

5) Have fun

It needs to be something that you are passionate about, you don't want to waste any time doing something that you don't enjoy doing.

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