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Xbox Game Studios is focused on diversity

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jun 22, 2021

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Xbox Game Studios is focused on diversity.

Microsoft's gaming division - which has purchased the likes of Bethesda - has prioritised diversity both in terms of the way games can be played, and inclusivity.

Head of publishing Peter Wyse told Polygon: "You can see this come to focus in a game like 'Tell Me Why'.

"We're super proud of that game. It speaks to our values around LGBTQIA+ representation, mental health awareness, and more."

The focus on diversity is also prominent in Xbox's internal recruiting processes and third party partnerships.

Wyse noted that Microsoft is working with non-profit Gameheads, which is a mentorship programme for people of colour and those with low income aged 15 to 25.

Meanwhile, he also discussed cloud gaming and Xbox's desire to develop "cloud-native games" and pointed to 'Left 4 Dead' developer Kim Swift's appointment as senior diretor at Xbox Cloud Gaming.

He added: "Kim is going to build a team focused on new experiences in the cloud, something that’s going to support our mission of bringing our Xbox games to connect 3 billion gamers to play our games.

"[Xbox head] Phil [Spencer] always talks about that journey of getting the 3 billion players. “I do get super excited about the idea of high-fidelity gaming on a phone [...] that’s the carrot I keep chasing, for sure.”

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