Xbox Series X: Unboxing the much-anticipated console

By Time of article published Nov 14, 2020

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By Dr. Shailin Henry

The wait is finally over, and it is time to give a basic overlook at the Xbox Series X.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Depending on what you are expecting, the Xbox series X may not be the “Next generation leap” you have been looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I love the powerhouse of a console. But I could not shake the feeling that it really wasn’t anything new in my eyes (The leap from Xbox 360 to the Xbox one)

The Xbox Series X is a console for purists, that want their games looking and playing at the best possible resolution and framerates.

It does take your existing games and plays them at their intended, locked framerates. The buttery smooth framerate is pure eye candy.

The large library of backwards compatible titles is also a welcome addition, something I wish Sony incorporated into their console.

Navigating the user interface is much faster.

The loading times are improved with the use of the consoles SSD.

But the main issue is that there are only a handful of titles on the system at this moment.

The Xbox smart delivery system ensures that those of you who have not yet upgraded, are not missing out (much).

My final verdict, wait a while for more next generation optimized games to be released before purchase.

With all these quality of life improvements it can be seen , that the next generation of gaming basically repackages a powerful little PC, and calls it a console.

Enjoy the unboxing

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