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File picture: IANS

How to delete promotional emails using Gmail

By Masabata Mkwananzi Time of article published Jul 16, 2020

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Having no control over your Gmail promotional tab can be really frustrating, you could miss out on a really good sale at your favourite clothing retail store, all because you have subscribed to dozens of company promotions without even realising it.

You would think to ignore them and letting them pile up in your Gmail Promotional tab would be easy, well that’s not the case, eventually, your Google storage space limit will get full and you won’t be able to receive any other emails.

Taking some time to clean out all those emails in your Gmail account and preventing more from coming is not such a bad idea. Google has made it easy to unsubscribe from an email subscription. Emails that are perceived by Google’s AI engine to be promotional will have a small “Unsubscribe” link next to the sender’s name on top of the email.

Here’s how you can unsubscribe from those emails, however, you will need to use Gmail with a browser.

Go to your Promotional tab, open it, click on the link, and you’ll get a pop-up box with a blue “Unsubscribe” button. Click that, and you should soon stop getting emails from that source. (Note it can take a few days to get your name off a subscription list.)

With that said there are a lot of spammers that use ‘unsubscribe’ to confirm that an email account is legitimate so keep in mind when responding to those emails it could open up to an increased rather than less spam. So you must use  Gmail’s unsubscribe feature only for an email from vendors you know. Any email from your Spam tab, or any that you are not familiar with, should be blocked instead of being unsubscribed.

Here’s how you can block an email from a spam tab.

Simply open the email, click on the three “More” dots in the upper right corner, and click on “Block [vendor name].”

At times Gmail’s AI engine will notice you have not opened an email from a specific source in over 30 days and will pop up to ask you if you want to unsubscribe, you should take advantage of it should it occur.


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