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File picture: Reuters

2020 summed up in 5 TikTok videos

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Dec 30, 2020

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Cape Town - This year has been quite a ride. We have had bushfires, Black Lives Matter protests, Kim Jong Un death rumours, a tense US election and to top it all off, a pandemic.

“While the world went through a whirlwind of change this year, one thing hasn't changed: the heart of the TikTok community. With you, we built a deep sense of community and connection even though we’ve spent most of the year physically separated,” said TikTok in a statement.

We list TikTok videos that sum up 2020.

1. Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter was one of the biggest movements this year. Not only in the United States, but the entire world felt the movement’s power. The movement started in 2013 but gained momentum this year after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. The movement aimed to tackle police brutality as well as bring justice and freedom to Black people across the world.


Lemme teach y’all about the March on Washington 🗣✊🏾#blacktiktok#blackhistory#marchonwashington2020

♬ Roses said the sky remix - Said The Sky

2. Colleagues during Zoom calls.

Working from home has become part of the new normal as most of us embraced the digital space for work, studies or personal reasons. By now, we have mastered Zoom meetings, go well acquainted with the ’Hide video’ function and even identified catchphrases used in these virtual meetings. After all, the line “You’re still on mute,” has probably been the most overused line this year. TikTok user @itscaitlinhello summed up Zoom meetings perfectly in this video.


##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##zoom ##workfromhome ##comedy ##gonnabefriends

♬ original sound - Caitlin Reilly

3. Looking after yourself in a pandemic

While TikTok is good for laughs and memes, this year has seen an increase in videos from doctors around the world, urging us to take precautions in these trying times. In this video, TikTok user, @drleslie urges users to social distance and sanitise.


Please. Keep distancing, masking, and avoiding large gatherings. #greenscreen #COVID19 #Learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound - Doctor Leslie

4. Don’t leave me

2020 has been a rough year, but that didn’t stop people from filling our feeds with hilarious ’Don’t leave me’ jokes. These were puns and jokes that are so boring and dry (in other words, brilliant), that you would want to leave the person saying them. In this video, @iconiccpinkk shows us how it’s done.


Part 2 of don’t leave me challenge #foryou #dontleavemechallenge #dontleaveme

♬ original sound - Munera

5. Whipped coffee

Ah, whipped coffee also known as Dalgona coffee is a beverage that almost everyone tried - or at least, wanted to try - this year. Because Covid-19 regulations kept everyone inside their homes, TikTok recipes were all the rage because of how convenient and easy they were to make. In this video, @coffeebae97 shows us how to make this tasty beverage.


enjoyyyyy #homechef #homebarista

♬ Summer Whisper - Tomppabeats


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