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File picture: Pexels

Google Photos now allows users to 'pinch-to-zoom' gesture in videos

By Masabata Mkwananzi Time of article published Feb 11, 2021

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Long gone are the days when double-tapping or pinching a video meant pausing it.

Now Google photos have added a feature that allows users to zoom in and out of videos by pinching or double-tapping.

According to Gadgets360, the feature is available on the latest version of Google Photos v5.28.0 on Android.

The new feature allows users to pinch and double tab a playing video. This was discovered accidentally by a Reddit user who posted the new discovery on the site.

“While playing back a video, I double tapped my screen accidentally and the video filled the screen. I could also pinch the screen to zoom in. I don't know if it's being rolled out by their servers, or if some recent update enabled that, but hey, they finally did it,” reads the comment.

Another Reddit user raised their concerns with the server-side update stating that it was rather frustrating for Google Photos to keep doing the server-side updates especially when the updates were unnecessary.

“One of the most frustrating things about Google by far. Making everything a server-side A/B test rollout is incredibly frustrating for enthusiasts. Especially when it's a change that you didn't want and there's no way to revert back,” the user pointed out.

Gadgets360 also added that it may be possible for Google to be rolling out the update in batches since it is suspected to be a server-side update. For now, the update does not seem to be available for iOS.

In the past couple of months, Google has added major updates to Google Photos, starting with Cinematic Photos. This feature was introduced back in December and uses machine learning to predict an image depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene even if the original image doesn’t include depth information from the camera.


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