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How to survive the extended lockdown: 5 apps you might not have tried yet

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Apr 15, 2020

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Cape Town - For South Africans, today would have been the second last day of the national lockdown. However, we have another two weeks to get through. 

We have done countless Google Hangout calls, tried all the backgrounds in Zoom, did all the TikTok challenges possible - so what is left?

Each day runs into the other, weekends do not feel like weekends and our boredom knows no bounds.  

IOL Tech lists five apps that you might not have tried yet and that will (hopefully) take you through day 21 to day 35.

Sanvello for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

By now, we have all felt some level of stress and anxiety during this national lockdown. Whether it is due to missing loved ones or not being out in nature, the lockdown is emotionally taxing.

This is why wellness apps may play an important role in your mental health. 

Sanvello gives the help and resources needed to feel more in control and happier in these trying times. The app is often reviewed by clinical experts and studied in journals.

Sanvello is rooted in clinical rigor and evidence-based techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


As social distancing kills all social plans (and saves lives), we are constantly finding new ways to keep in touch with our loved ones.

Bunch is the first group video chat app for live mobile games. You can play online multiplayer games with mates while on the group video chat or just e-chill and reminisce about the good ol' days.

There is also a feature that enables players to start games with friends directly from text messages.

There are several Bunch-exclusive games to play as well as 3rd party games supported by Bunch.

Sketch a Day: Daily challenges and tutorials

We all have a hobby or a favourite pastime. While some have a passion for dancing, scrap-booking or writing, others like to get in touch with their inner Picasso. 

Creating art goes digital as this app will get you creating art in no time. No matter what you skill level, this app allows you to get the creative juices flowing. 

Sketch a Day also has tutorials and tips for those might want to brush up (pardon the pun) on your drawing skills. It also features daily drawing ideas and prompts for what to draw.


Because our dear friends at UberEats and Mr D Food are unavailable, we have now taken to making food at home. 

Enter Tasty. Choose from thousands of new recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to cook each recipe. There are also recommendations for the next meal, based on the time of the day, day of the week as well as major holidays.

You could also personalise the app and use the filters to hide recipes that you aren't interested in making. Search recipes by social plans, ingredients, dietary needs and speed.

The app is completely free and available on the Google Play Store,


We all understand the importance of reading but what do you do when you have read all your books and listened to everything you could on Audible? 

Deepstash is a "personal library of thoughts knowledge", according to the makers of the app. It has a wide range of articles and ideas, where you can learn skills, get productivity tips and find new life hacks. 

The ideas are presented to the user in a short summarised format of under 100 words, making to absolutely perfect for those of us with short concentration spans. Choose a few topics that interest you and let Deepstash do the rest.


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