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Huawei operating system launched with new devices

By Floyd Matlala Time of article published Jun 3, 2021

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Chinese tech giant Huawei introduced a range of new products during their HarmonyOS 2 launch which was held virtually on Wednesday.

Among the newly launched devices to accompany the new operating system, the company revealed the first look of its upcoming HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series, the New Flagship Smartwatch Series Powered by HarmonyOS 2.

The new operating system is set to provide a common language for different kinds of devices to connect and collaborate, providing users with a more convenient, smooth, and secure experience. It also combines previously independent devices into a cohesive and holistic Super Device that integrates all hardware and resources to freely leverage the capabilities of its component devices based on the user's real-time needs.

Kevin Ho, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Consumer BG said: “The brand-new HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series powered by HarmonyOS 2 are independent, smart, and as powerful as smartphones. They are designed to make everyday life more convenient than before.”

“Health and fitness monitoring has always been one of our wearables’ core strengths and this time, we are including skin temperature detection, handwashing, and fall detection to offer a more complete feature set for users to take better control of their health,” Ho added.

The smartwatches that run HarmonyOS 2 aim to bring consumers convenience and smart life experiences that are underpinned by enhanced interaction, independent connectivity, and all-scenario interconnectivity. It includes a high-precision temperature sensor for the first time to support skin temperature detection.

Bringing new features such as handwashing detection and fall detection, the new smartwatches will help users monitor their workout progress and health conditions with science-based solutions no matter where their lives take them.

Speaking of other newly launched Products powered by HarmonyOS 2, Executive Director and CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group Richard Yu said: “We look forward to working with more partners and developers to build a thriving HarmonyOS ecosystem and provide even better experiences, products, and services to our customers the world over."

"We are surrounded by more and more smart devices these days, and are now in a world where all things are connected, every single one of us is a part of this fully connected world, as is every device.”


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