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File picture: Pexels

Video app Zynn removes pay to watch feature after being banned by Apple and Google

By Masabata Mkwananzi Time of article published Jun 19, 2020

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Zynn is back in the spotlight as the Chinese video app will no longer be paying users to watch videos and referring friends to the app. This operation helped them to top the charts on both Apple and Google’s app stores.  

Last week, IOL Tech reported how Zynn was being removed from Google Play store following accusations of plagiarism from the popular Chinese video app TikTok. 

The app was also attracting users by paying them to watch videos and by recruiting other individuals, according to the Financial Times, part of the reason why Zynn was paying its users was that they did not want to pay big corporations like Facebook or Google so they used the same exact money to pay their ‘frontline’ users instead.

Now the payment feature is being replaced with a new reward system called Zynncheers. Zynncheers still gives users points for watching videos, but the only difference is that there are no rewards being offered in exchange for collecting points. 

According to The Verge, Zynn said users will get ‘benefits and rewards’ for collecting Zynnchers, but it did not specify what those will be. 

Since the app was removed from Google Play Store last week, Apple has since followed in the same footsteps and removed the app as well. This means that the only people who can get Zynnncheers are those that installed the app before it was removed from the two app stores. 

It is hard to tell whether users will still use the video app now that they won’t be receiving any cash or rewards from it.


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