Netflix logo. Photo: File
Netflix logo. Photo: File

Netflix annoys viewers by testing adverts

By Staff reporter Time of article published Aug 21, 2018

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INTERNATIONAL - Netflix has started introducing adverts in between show episodes to promote the streaming site's other offerings. 

As part of a controlled test, only a selected group of subscribers saw the advertising. The company confirmed to tech-website ARS Technica on Friday that it is testing promos for its original shows and movies in between TV episodes while users are binging.

"We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster," Netflix said.

According to ARS Technica, Netflix confirmed that the promos are skippable, which counters at least one significant Reddit claim from the UK that they are not. 

A number of viewers have responded badly to the trial, with many complaining on social media.

Here are what users had to say on Twitter:

Additionally, Netflix has removed the ability for users to post reviews on its online streaming platform. Visiting the How do I post reviews on Netflix? support page now returns a page which states that users are no longer able to rate shows on the platform.

“You can no longer post reviews on Netflix,” the page reads. “Netflix customers were able to leave reviews on until mid-2018, when reviews were removed due to declining use.”

Netflix has previously stated it would remove user reviews, notifying users who posted reviews that the feature would no longer be available. 


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