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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Newbie on Twitter? Locate your tribe with these simple steps

A SMARTPHONE display shows the Twitter logo. | AP Photo/dpa, Soeren Stache, File

A SMARTPHONE display shows the Twitter logo. | AP Photo/dpa, Soeren Stache, File

Published Apr 6, 2022


The most relatable experience in a Twitter user’s life is the act of quickly leaving the platform after joining it for the first time, then only to return after a year-long break.

Navigating this microblogging website may be stressful during initial usage, but as time goes on things become easier.

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For some, however, it does not and it all remains one big blur.

Do not fret! Here are a few steps to guide you into the right direction.

Search and Follow

Every social media network has a search function. This feature was designed to find just about anyone.

Use the search icon to find eco-conscious entities that you are already familiar with that align with your interests.

Here are a few suggestions of profiles to follow in the case of environmentalists and eco-conscious individuals:

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Nature Conservancy (@nature_org)

Environmental Leader, @ELDaily

The World Resources, @worldresources

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Greenpeace (@Greenpeace)

Environmental Issues, @environmental_

Choose Topics

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Find topics in the Topic Browse option. This can only be done on Twitter’s web version.

Numerous topics related to the environment can be followed such as:


Climate Change





Follow or Create a List(s)

A Twitter List is a collection of user accounts grouped together based on matter or tweets.

To follow a list, select the Follow New Lists option on the Home timeline. Alternatively, tap select the more option on a user’s Twitter profile. Select View Lists and follow the one you take a liking to.

To create one, click on your profile icon then select Lists. Select the new List option and create a list with content of your choice.


A Hashtag on Twitter is a popular and useful feature when looking for real-time discussions on topics of interest.

With these, you can find people on the same wavelength to engage with. And if you take a liking to them, head to their profiles and scan over their content. If positive, follow them. Here, too, you may find an abundance of like-minded people to engage with.

Suggestions for eco-conscious folks:








Connect with Communities

A Twitter Community is a place where administrators and moderators run and supervise a ‘corner’ that connects members who share similar sentiments.

This feature allows for users to partake in an exchange of ideas and engage in open dialogue. Although communities can be seen by any Twitter user when shared, only users that are members may contribute to the community, i.e. post tweets, including Quote Tweets and Replies.

To be a part of a community, one needs obtain an invite.

Update Interests

Interests are suggestions made by Twitter based on your activity.

To find interests, go to Your Twitter Data screen and select Interests and ads data.

Then, choose the option Interests from Twitter.

Refine Your Timeline

You also have the option to clean up your timeline by filtering out things you dislike via two methods:

1. Mute

This function allows you to mute twitter handles, or users, hashtags, and words that you chose not to see. Entire phrases, too, can be muted.

Both your timeline and notifications tab will be affected.

2. Block

Blocking Twitter handles restricts accounts from seeing your tweets and interacting with you. Contrary to the mute feature, a blocked user will know that they’re blocked once they visit your account.

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