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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Our top 4 apps to carry you through load shedding

If you’re looking to plan ahead when the scheduled stage hits, these are some apps that might help in the dark. Picture: Krzysztof Kamil/Pixabay

If you’re looking to plan ahead when the scheduled stage hits, these are some apps that might help in the dark. Picture: Krzysztof Kamil/Pixabay

Published Jun 8, 2022


We have devised this list of apps to help you get through those nasty hours of unplanned electricity outages.

Whether you’re a precise planner fully equipped for load-shedding or tend to forget the schedule, every outage comes as a surprise - a few moments (and downloads) could make every load-shedding experience that much more bearable.

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While many choose to spend the two-hour outage with friends or family or catch up with work by hot-spotting their smartphone for data, South Africans have many options to make life a little easier as the power utility, Eskom battles its woes.

If you’re looking for entertainment during load shedding, not all streaming services available to South Africans can function or even store downloaded content for streaming without a network connection, so it’s careful to choose the right service.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to better plan ahead when the scheduled stage hits, it’s best to take note of some apps that might help in the dark. But whether it’s entertainment or productivity, this list of apps is sure to come in handy whenever the lights go out.

1. Eskom se Push

Eskom se Push, app(tly) named (excuse the pun), is likely to be the number one app to plan for load shedding and keep updated with the current stages of implemented outages.

The app is useful for showcasing each set of load shedding from 1 to 8, despite the current implemented schedule. The app can also notify users of when potential outages could hit with better accuracy than the power utility itself.

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2. Netflix

Yes, they might be under fire with a massive loss of subscribers at present, but the Netflix smartphone app works great during load-shedding. At the same time, many streaming services do allow users to store content to stream offline.

The Netflix app’s Smart Download feature not only downloads content you’re watching but also content you might be interested in. Opening the app during load shedding offers a few surprises and shows or movies you would necessarily choose to watch first but thoroughly enjoy.

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3. IOL

A slight bit of a humble brag - but at least we don’t rank ourselves as first! The IOL news app found on the Google Play or Apple App Store offers the latest to keep you up to date with the latest current affairs and, most importantly, the current situation with Eskom.

The app provides push notifications to your smartphone. When browsing, it will allow you to bookmark stories for offline reading - meaning when the lights go out; you’ll be able to catch up on any stories or features from IOL.

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4. Bolt Food/Uber Eats

Okay, so you haven’t yet planned dinner, and your schedule has just begun - well, in the words of techies - there’s an app for that. Many people are well accustomed to the Uber Eats app and have likely used it, but the cab-hailing service’s rival - Bolt - has its own, too, in Bolt Food.

While they each have their pros and cons and, of course, a variety of special discounts, both can be a blessing in disguise for a quick meal or a family dinner when your stage kicks in.