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By Press Release Time of article published Jun 3, 2015

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Cape Town - A new reliable and simple service has launched that aims to remove the hassle and admin involved with traditional courier services, and is recruiting drivers to help deliver the service.

Hosted exclusively on the WeChat platform, picup (WeChat ID: PicupSA) is an on-demand goods collection and delivery service, and is the perfect courier alternative for SMEs and individuals in need of a quick, easy and affordable solution. And it's not just users and businesses that benefit - picup is also creating jobs.

Picup has already recruited more than 150 part-time and full-time drivers, and as the service grows, it will continue to recruit drivers, who may be students, stay-at-home parents, pensioners, small fleet owners, entrepreneurs or anyone who has a few hours to spare - even if they only own a bicycle. The drivers can also decide their own working hours - the benefits are far-reaching and all-inclusive.

"Technology is changing our lives. Customers value their time; they're demanding immediacy, efficiency and simplicity, and this is exactly what picup aims to achieve by letting customers book a licensed, verified and fully trained professional driver directly from WeChat," says Chief picup Officer, Grant Isaacs.

"We believe in embracing life's challenges, and picup is not only tackling the challenge of reliable, professional delivery services, but also South Africa's employment challenge. Picupworks within the communities it operates to provide employment opportunities and support," says Isaacs.

All contracted drivers are verified by picup's online verification partner (thisisme.com) and are required to attend an orientation session, customer service course and an onboard briefing before taking to the road.

Picup transforms your phone into a delivery remote control, switching your online order to a real-world delivery. Users can sign up for the service by downloading WeChat, following thepicup official account, and completing the registration process - no paperwork required. Once registration has been confirmed, users can request a driver to collect or deliver documents or packages to and from determined locations. When the 'picup' and delivery addresses have been entered, users can select the appropriate mode of 'picup' available in the vicinity, depending on what is being delivered. Modes include bicycles, scooters and cars operating in the Cape Metropole areas. Users will be charged a minimum base rate plus a per-kilometre fee.

"Picup is just another way that WeChat is integrating users' online and offline lives. Picup uses WeChat's built-in functionality, such as mapping and messaging, to take the schlep out of deliveries. Moreover, we are changing people's lives with employment opportunities for anyone who owns some mode of transport and has few spare hours in the day," says Brett Loubser.

"While we are launching picup in the Cape Town area, there are plans to expand to other cities as the model is easily replicated and can be amended as we launch city by city," says Isaacs.

For more info see www.picup.co.za

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