Chief Innovation Officer, Wesley Diphoko, and his team. File Image: IOL
Chief Innovation Officer, Wesley Diphoko, and his team. File Image: IOL

Sagarmatha Tech goes big in CT

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Feb 16, 2018

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JOHANNESBURG - Cape Town will be the seat of Africa’s first 4th Industrial Revolution Innovation Centre, thanks to the vision of Sagarmatha Technologies.
The Centre is one of four which will be established across the Continent. Similar centres will be rolled out in East, West and North Africa.   
The Centre is part of Sagarmatha Technologies’ investment in skills and development in the technology space for Africans by Africans. 
Africa will have the largest young population in the world in absolute terms; by 2035 Africa will have more than half of the world’s under-35 working age population.
The Centre aims to attract young people who will be exposed to various innovations including virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, drone technology, information economics and cybersecurity.
The Company’s Chief Innovation Officer, Wesley Diphoko, says Sagarmatha Technologies is a visionary multi-sided platform company with a goal of being part of Africa’s success story.

“If Africa succeeds, we all succeed. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold on the continent we need to ensure that we have the skills across the board to keep up. This Centre is one way that we can ensure young people can be armed with the right skills at the right time,” he said.

Diphoko said that several multi-national technology companies have indicated their interest in partnering with the Centre.

Sagarmatha Technologies business solutions include B2B content distribution, B2C applications, enterprise technology solutions such as data storage, cloud computing and digital automation, and a propriety digital video and entertainment platform.

Sagarmatha successfully pioneered and partnered with associate and group companies to develop propriety software technologies, maximising the platform effect and enabling the group to optimise the opportunities presented through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, especially in emerging markets with a special focus on Africa.


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