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10 websites to beat coronavirus lockdown boredom

By Yasmine Jacobs Time of article published Apr 3, 2020

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Cape Town - As we enter another day of the nationwide lockdown, we find ourselves asking: 'What can I do today?', as we mindlessly scroll through Facebook and Instagram.

Social media sites are only entertaining for a little while until you come across yet another workout or dance video.

We have compiled a list of websites to visit for every type activity you might be into to keep the lockdown boredom at bay.

Learn a new language

While we might not be able to travel anytime soon, learning a new language is one way to stop the 'I am bored' statuses. 

According to research, learning a new language helps improve cognitive thinking and problem-solving. It also improves memory and sharpens the mind.

Duolingo is a mobile site and application that offers foreign language classes for free. English, Spanish, French, German and Italian are just a few of the languages on the site. 

Duolingo is in a game format and users are encouraged to learn more in order to advance in stages and achieve objectives.

Another option is FluentU. Instead of word game lessons, this site teaches new languages using videos. 

The videos are not instructional and are regular videos featuring the foreign language. The videos have interactive captions to help you learn the language, making it easier to learn pronunciation of words. 

However, FluentU is not free, but do offer a 15-day trial. 

Be your own master chef

Because food delivery services are out of the question, we are now increasingly becoming our own chefs.

That's why food recipe sites might become your new best friend this lockdown.

Allrecipes has a wide variety of recipes to tickle all taste buds and all cravings.  

If local food is more your style, What's for dinner is a good option for when find yourself asking "What's for dinner'.

What's for dinner has an impressive range of local recipes, including vegetarian recipes and even salads.

Get your game on

Keep yourself entertained with countless games on Valve's video game digital distribution service, Steam.

Whatever type of game you are into, whether you love strategy or shooter games, Steam has you covered.   

Another option is Humble. Humble has joined the gaming industry’s efforts to aid coronavirus relief.

It has offered a massive bundle of games for $30. All of these will go to charities providing Covid-19 relief, so you can be a hero online and offline. 

The charities benefiting from the Humble Conquer Covid-19 Bundle include Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, and Direct Relief. 

“In the wake of Covid-19 and its effects around the world, we’ve teamed up with a team of developers, publishers, and creators to bundle a care package of much-needed funds to support organisations responding to the pandemic and its consequences,” said Humble on the bundle page. 

Upskill yourself with online courses

For those who are keen to learn new skills for personal development or career advancement, online courses might be right up your alley.

Udemy is a popular choice for individuals who wants to learn new things and gain new skills at their own pace. Udemy offers dozens of free courses for the lockdown period, in the areas of Communication, Business, Marketing, Sales, among others. To find options, just search and select the option “Free”.

Coursera is loved by many as this website has courses from top universities such as Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. Learners are able to apply their skills to quizzes and projects.

For the love of streaming

Who doesn't love a good ol' binge? Streaming services have increasingly become more popular and in this period of a lockdown, nothing beats curling in front of the laptop and snacking.

Original series and movie classics of various genres are also available for the entire family.

Netflix has recently introduced Netflix Party, allowing multiple people to stream at once. 

If HBO is more your style, there is a good news. HBO aims to ease the horrid social distancing by making 500 hours of programming available free for a limited time under the heading #StayHomeBoxOffice.

The promotion starts April 3, and will include free streaming of such series as "The Sopranos," "The Wire" and "Veep," as well as HBO documentaries.


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