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Silicon Durbs: Campaign aims to put African tech entrepreneurship on the map

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Oct 12, 2020

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By Silicon Durbs

Last week saw the first 1000 Tech Entrepreneurs Ideation and MVP boot camp successfully being held in Durban with much excitement.

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs came with a strong interest in getting involved in the tech industry and developing products and services of their very own. While many came without initial Ideas, they came with an understanding of the industries they would like to solve problems in.

The level of commitment they had from day one assisted all of them to go deeper in understanding industry challenges, the use of different technologies allowed each one of them to come up with Ideas of their own and were then assisted to set up their business models and develop their MVP's.

We are truly are grateful to all aspiring entrepreneurs who came out in Durban and within five days they moved from aspiring tech entrepreneurs to tech startup founders we are also grateful to partners such as AWS for their involvement and sharing information with entrepreneurs on how they can start their startup for free on AWS Activate platform, we are grateful to SmartXchange Durban hub for hosting us free of charge for 5 days. We would also like to thank all our partners and sponsors for supporting us on this journey.

The purpose of the 1000 Tech Entrepreneurs campaign is to create strong awareness to the people of South Africa about tech entrepreneurship as an opportunity to change and transform their lives and the purpose of the 1000 Tech entrepreneurs Bootcamps is to assist aspiring tech entrepreneurs to start their journey in their cities in 5 days.

All the startup founders and their startups that participated in the Durban Bootcamp can be viewed here. We also encourage aspiring tech entrepreneurs in other cities to register on our website especially in cities such as:

Port Shepstone,

Richards Bay,



Cape town,


Port Elizabeth and

East London

Boot camps are scheduled for these cities before the end of the year. (Dates to be confirmed)

We would also like to encourage organizations and individuals with resources to assist entrepreneurs in their regions as this will help startups emerging from the campaign become sustainable and yield positive results. The Covid-19 pandemic has also had a devastating impact on our business and the startup community at large. We are also extending an invitation to organizations to sponsor the campaign, we have so far managed to raise 25% of our budget for the campaign. For more information on campaign sponsorship and how it can assist us as well as your business, please contact [email protected] .

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