Taxify rolls out electric scooters in Paris

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 6, 2018

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DURBAN - Taxify will be rolling out dockless electric scooters in Paris making them the first transportation platform to bring scooter sharing and ride-hailing together on one mobile app. 

According to Taxify, the scooters that will be rolling out in Paris are just the first of many and there are plans to expand the service to other cities in the forthcoming months. However, no details about launching the scooter service in African markets have been disclosed. 

Through the launch of electric scooters in Paris, the ride-hailing app is also introducing a new sub-brand for electric two-wheelers, Bolt. Bolt will contribute to Taxify's mission of building the best way to commute in cities by creating a tight web of services for every distance, price range or customer need. 

Taxify CEO and co-founder Markus Village said "One in five Taxify rides are less than 3 km, which is the perfect distance to cover with an electric scooter"

He added that it is likely that some ride-hailing customers will now choose scooters for shorter distances, but they will also be drawing in a whole new group of customers who have different needs. 

Taxify is the transportation platform to bring scooter sharing and ride-hailing together on one mobile app. Photo: Supplied
To use Bolt, people will have to downlaod the Taxify app and then they will be able to switch between ride-hailing and scooter renting. Bolt scooters have a built-in GPS tracker to provide data on pick up and drop off locations. 

The cost of a ride will be 15 cents a minute. The minimum fare is one euro (i.e. an average trip of 10 minutes would cost the rider €2.50). 

To unlock the scooter, the users will have to scan a QR-code on the scooter and upon arrival, riders can park the scooter on the street. The scooters will then be collected in the evening by Taxify for recharging and maintenance.

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