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Swiss startup combines vertical farming with insect breeding

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Sep 9, 2020

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By SmartBreed SA

Vertical farming and alternative protein are currently the magic words to fight the global increasing protein demand with our limited space and resources on this planet.

At SmartBreed, a Swiss agricultural technology startup, we combine vertical farming with insect breeding through the specialized development of smart breeding boxes for grasshoppers and mealworms. With our breeding boxes, we allow insect breeders to locally produce grasshoppers at low cost with minimal effort. Our boxes are equipped with automated self-cleaning and feeding features through the entire harvesting process. Sensors, which measure relevant breeding data, constantly improve the optimal breeding conditions. The sensor data is stored and managed in a cloud-based format for easy accessibility and management convenience.

Eatable insects are a very healthy, high protein diet for humans but are also a natural source of amino acids for many animals. They can transform agricultural waste into protein for livestock and fertilizer for agricultural purpose.

In Europe, it is estimated that the legislation will change and allow insects to be fed to livestock by next year. This opens up a new market in Europe with great economic and ecological potential. The SA Innovation Summit enables and strengthens the network between Swiss and South African startups and corporations. In Africa the advantages of insect breeding are already longer known and more widespread – in short: Africa leads the future. Through the SA Innovation Summit we can work together with universities and industry experts to increase breeding efficiency and prepare Europe for the new market.

Every change brings up new opportunities and we encourage every individual to try out new things and do what inspires you. With our startup we already made many mistakes but there is not a single one to regret. It is important how you embed your mistakes in your learning curve. Each fallback is an opportunity to identify, learn and improve ourselves to move forward and eventually reach our goals in full.

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