'Twitter is the last of the Big Four to go public.'
'Twitter is the last of the Big Four to go public.'

Tweet, my bru

By Kieran Legg Time of article published Jun 18, 2013

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Cape Town - From having braais in the rain to being cut off by taxis and blowing vuvuzelas at home, everyone has their own idea of what it means to be South African.

This weekend Twitter was buzzing with a new trend, with the hashtag “You know you’re South African when…”, with hundreds of contributors summing up their South African experiences.

“You know you are South African when someone bumps into you on the pavement and you both say ‘sorry’ at the same time,” tweeted Gus Silber.

“(Or) when you get ‘please call mes’ from complete strangers and you call them back, just in case,” he added.

Some took pride in the country’s R1 packets of Nik Naks, while others focused on the country’s obsession with soapies.

And @Bluebit_Bruno tweeted that it was every South African’s ability to sing in four different languages that really stood for what it meant to be a South African.

Other users focused on the country’s crime problems, offering their own solutions and daily considerations.

“You know you are South African when you buy burglar bars before the windows,” tweeted @CalvarineHarrod.

“You consider a car’s hijack-ability before buying a new one,” added @alienelf.

But for most, it was being on the road that was synonymous with being South African.

“You know you are South African when a taxi overtakes you, then stops in front of you to make a drop-off,” tweeted @Dave_Dizzy.

“When pedestrians are like ‘Oh look a moving car! Perfect time to cross the road’,” wrote @Naazi_Ayob.

@Ndivhuho007 added: “When the petrol in your tank may be worth more than your car.” - Cape Argus

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