Last month the Gauteng MEC for local government and housing, Humphrey Mmemezi, spoke of the loss of R245 million due to unauthorised expenditure by municipalities. He stated, “it is clear that the leadership of Gauteng municipalities have not provided adequate oversight”, but said that a “commitment was made by all the mayors that the leadership and oversight will play a more effective role in ensuring that internal controls were in place” to prevent further loss.

A month later (“Big spender”, The Star, May 22) it appears that he may account for more than R100 000 of unauthorised expenditure himself using his government-issued credit card.

Corruption is endemic to the point where 83 percent of South Africans think that it has become a way a life. Although Mmemezi’s innocence or guilt has yet to be proven, it would be remiss of the Gauteng premier, Nomvula Mokonyane, if she did not institute an investigation into this matter.

Georgina Alexander

Researcher at the SA Institute of Race Relations