Anthony Dance writes: On September 28, a pole mounted a step down from a transformer on Hunters Road in the Golden Harvest Park started to spark. This is in Northwold.

I reported it and was issued with a reference number.

Everything went quiet and I assumed all was fixed.

Around October 14 or 15, a generator was delivered to the park at night, connected to the pole and started. The noise was unbearable.

I called and at every turn I was confronted by City Power people who were either unable or unwilling to help.

Finally I got hold of Rakefa Makgoro, the acting general manager of City Power.

He phoned me back within 30 minutes to say a new step-down transformer had been ordered, and that it would be installed the following week.

A massive generator was delivered and connected up. This must be the biggest and noisiest generator City Power has available.

Dance writes again: The transformer was replaced by October 31, more than a month after the fault was first reported. Time to replace it: about six hours.

Keep up the good work.