1 Jenny Charlton writes: Our property transfer went through on June 25, 2011. I had paid in a total of R17 072 to get the clearance certificates.

The required letter was sent to the refund department from the attorneys on the same day, and I followed up with a visit to the Auckland Park satellite office on June 19 last year, when I got a reference number.

I was told it could take up to six months for the rates department to open a new account for the new owners, after which they could go in and pay their electricity deposit and start being billed themselves.

Both the new owners and I kept checking if the new account had been opened, but no information was forthcoming until I got through to someone in the call centre on December 14 who told me that the previous request for a refund had expired on July 25, as the new account had not yet been opened, and that nothing was now lodged.

I faxed through all the paperwork again.

A few weeks ago, City Power arrived to cut off the new owner’s electricity, as the amount I had paid in advance had now been used up, and she had not yet been able to open her own account.

Charlton writes again: I am happy to report that two years and five months later, the refunds on both the electricity and rates accounts have been paid over.

One small bitter pill was that in both cases, despite the letter from the attorney clearly stating that the refund should be paid into my account, it was paid into the attorney’s account, and the attorney takes off R300 for “admin expenses”.

So, just a warning to others to make sure that the instruction goes through.

One other piece of advice I’d like to give to anyone making any payments: keep copies of your payment advices.

They are turning everybody away who does not have a bank-stamped proof of payment.

2Roy and Julia Newton-Barker write: We have been on prepaid since February 14, 2011, and have all proof of our payments as well as all the purchased vouchers of the electricity since the switch.

Two or more inspectors came and looked at our meter, yet still we are having estimate readings on our bill, standing at R7 695 to date just for electricity estimated readings.

The Newton-Barkers write again: Thanks very much. My prayers have been answered as this has been resolved.

3Sally Naidoo of Parkmore writes: Due to our last meter reading being done in July 2010, an estimated amount is reflecting on every monthly statement. I have telephonically given the meter readings to the call centre and I have the reference numbers.

No reversals or corrections have been done on the account.

Naidoo writes again: Thanks, this has now been resolved.