Reading and listening to the news concerning two recent issues – the DA march to Cosatu and the insulting Zuma portrait – it became clear that the media have been trying to shift the blame to Cosatu and the ANC, respectively, when in fact both these organisations were provoked in both instances.

On the DA march, the media conveniently neglected to report that the DA marchers had weapons, stones, bricks, whips and branches in a premeditated war against Cosatu, its affiliates and the SACP.

All we are told is that DA marchers were injured, yet there were many Cosatu marchers who were also injured during the scuffle which was initiated by the DA.

In the Zuma portrait, another provocation, goalposts are now being shifted and the story is presented as if the ANC is the perpetrator when the truth is that the ANC and the people of SA are the ones that have been provoked.

It should be known that the men who defaced the portrait were reacting to a provocation by the painter and all those who found joy in distributing the portrait.

The ANC is the victim in this instance, and the media should present this truth as clear as possible.

Kwazi Mthembu

Naledi, Soweto