Breaking Bad

Victoria Woollaston

If you missed the latest episode of your favourite TV show, logging into Twitter and Facebook can be a minefield of potential spoilers.

Now research has discovered that three quarters of us have had a TV series ruined because of friends and feeds posting plot lines.

It also discovered that Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are the most commonly “spoilt” programmes via social media.

Researchers at VoucherCodesPro conducted a study looking at the differences between streaming, and watching shows live.

The team polled 2 749 adults aged 18.

The majority of respondents (77 percent) stated they spend about 10 to 15 hours a week watching their favourite TV shows.

When asked to estimate the amount of time per week they spend watching scheduled TV live, the average totalled just 5.5 hours.

Leading on from this, researchers asked respondents if they had ever had a show compromised or ruined as a result of seeing a spoiler on their Facebook or Twitter feeds – with almost three-quarters (74 percent) saying they had.

Furthermore, 47 percent of participants admitted they had ruined a show for others by discussing a plot-twist or ending of a show over social media.

When asked to state the shows that were ruined as a result of spoilers, the most common answers were Game of Thrones (21 percent), Breaking Bad (17 percent), The Walking Dead (14 percent) and Homeland (11 percent).

Perhaps for those repeat offenders, a temporary “un-friending” or “un-following” may do the trick!’ – Daily Mail