A concerned group of citizens gathered at a residential area in Malibongwe to voice their anger at all the illegal dumping of waste in the area. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 21/10/2012

After last week’s Metrowatch report “Shoddy work, promises don’t cut it with Northriding residents”, property owners have came out in force to protest about bad road conditions, crime and illegal dumping in Blandford Road.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency, Joburg metro police, Pikitup and the Douglasdale Community Policing Forum have agreed to meet residents to discuss problems.

“This is the residents’ opportunity to get these matters addressed and resolved,” said ward councillor Susan Mottram. “This is their opportunity to have their questions answered directly by officials from the municipality.”

Residents claim that the stretch of dirt road is attracting illegal dumping and criminals.

Resident Jennifer Pillay said a lot of the infrastructure in the area was collapsing.

“With the rains, the stormwater drains collapse, they get fixed, and the next rainy season it happens again. There are no road signs or street lights in this area,” she said.

Dave Callichy said the drains were built on flat levels, resulting in poor water pressure. Instead of fixing the drains, the JRA and Joburg Water have elevated the manholes above the ground.

These are on the side of the road, but where cars drive, they are a few centimetres above the ground.

“This is very dangerous for cars because it is a dirt road, and there are no lights.”

Alex Beccaro says crime has escalated, with one property being hit four times since August because of a privately owned property with overgrown grass.

“The owners are not forced by the council to clean it, so people hide in the bushes. The land cannot be developed because the city does not have electricity supply to provide a new development,” he said.

The meeting will be held at the North Rand Methodist Church, Blandford Road (off Hyperion Road), Northriding, at 6.30pm on Wednesday.