James Clarke writes: You must get letters of thanks every day – as you deserve to! Here’s another.

My water bill – after exactly three years of growing from R77 000 to R83 000 – has come down to R379. When I saw it I had to sit down.

The person who told me of your column offered congratulations. I said: “Don’ t congratulate me – congratulate the Council Whisperer, Anna Cox.”

I must say the fellows who contacted me from the council were very efficient – Kgamanyane Stan Maphologela and Joe Govender especially.

Again, thanks.

Feroze Seedat writes: I have installed a prepaid meter. I am still billed for electricity charges on my Fordsburg property. I have gone to council offices to try to resolve this problem, but there is no hope. Please help.

Seedat writes again: Thank you, the matter is now settled.

Karen Bester writes: My bill is now sitting at R35 150 and has still not been rectified. I am not sure what to do any more. We were disconnected recently and although they reconnected us two days later, I am concerned that this will continue to happen until the incorrect billing is rectified.

If there is any possible way that you can assist, we would appreciate it.

Our pleas with the council are falling on deaf ears.

We have not been getting any bills and at first we thought it was because they were trying to fix the incorrect billing. However, I was told recently that our query is still pending and we must be patient.

Furthermore, they are unable to log another query for not receiving a statement as we already have a query on the account.

Bester writes again: The matter has been resolved. Thank you for your assistance.

Jorge Assis writes: Once more I have to turn to you in the hope that you might reach the right person within the city council.

In December 2008 you helped me obtain a rates account number, I now ask your help in closing the “blessed” account.

The transfer of our sold property in Fairland took place on November 17, 2010.

A rates clearance certificate had been applied for and the City of Joburg requested that an amount of R2 787, plus R50 admin fees, be paid to obtain a clearance certificate.

This amount was paid and is reflected on the rates invoice.

My wife spent many days in the council offices in Braamfontein trying to finalise the matter.

No success. The only advice that she got was “If you are not happy, complain to the press”. The “gentleman” declined to give his name.

In June last year, having travelled to Joburg from Cape Town where I relocated, I visited the council’s Randburg office to resolve this matter and was assured that everything was in order and the refund would soon be issued.

Early in August last year my wife travelled to Joburg and twice visited the Randburg offices, only to be told that the computers were down and nothing could be done.

Your help in resolving this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Assis writes again: Many, many thanks – it has been sorted out.